2017 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Recap

by Andrew Wirtanen

The Cape Cod Times posted a great recap and video from the 2017 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony held on Saturday, November 18 at the Chatham Bars Inn.

Eight people were inducted into the Hall of Fame this year:

  • Dennis Long (Hyannis '77-'79, MiLB '80-'83)
  • Justin Masterson (Wareham '05, MLB '08-'15)
  • Timothy McIntosh (Chatham '85, MLB '90-'93 & '96)
  • Steve Newell (Wareham '73, MiLB '73-'75)
  • Jeremy Sowers (Wareham '03, MLB '06-'09)
  • Joey Cora (Chatham '84, MLB '87 & '89-'98, brother of Red Sox Manager Alex Cora)
  • Chuck Sturtevant (CCBL President '16-Present)
  • Tom Yankus (Orleans '63-'65 , MiLB '56 & '58)

The Hall of Fame currently has no physical location, but will be at the future Cape Cod Training Center in Independence Park in Hyannis - advertised to open in Spring 2018.

Noah Song (Navy) recaps his summer on Cape

by Andrew Wirtanen

Noah Song (RHP, Navy) made two starts for the Harwich Mariners on his 2017 summer leave. It's worth watching this short clip where he talks about his time on the Cape. In Song's sophomore season with the Midshipmen, he led the Patriot League with 89 strikeouts and was tied for 2nd in wins (6).

New Cape League Podcast!

by Andrew Wirtanen

The Cape Cod Times has launched the "Cape League Corner" podcast. The first episode features none other than CCBL President Chuck Sturtevant, as he looks ahead to the 2017 season!

Subscribe on iTunes, or where you get your podcasts. You can listen to the first episode below:

Hall of Fame Moving to Independence Park in Hyannis in 2018

by Andrew Wirtanen

It's been a long time coming, but it appears the search for the Cape League Hall of Fame's new home is complete. Total Athletics of Cape Cod has announced a partnership with the league to house the Hall of Fame inside a new 90,000 square foot complex that will be built in Independence Park in Hyannis. The Hyannis Sports Complex is scheduled to be completed in Spring 2018.

The Hyannis Sports Complex, as reported by the Cape Cod Times, will also be the home of CCBL meetings, CCBL player instruction/skill development, and off-season community events in support of youth baseball.

Cape League President Chuck Sturtevant said that "the hall of fame may go mobile and travel from park to park this summer until it settles permanently at the athletic complex".

Treasures Found While Housecleaning

by Dave B.

    I was doing some housecleaning recently and came across some Cape Cod Baseball League items that had been packed away many years ago. These items weren't necessarily "lost," but let's just say it's amazing how much stuff a family can accumulate over the course of a few decades and three changes of location. Two of the items were actual game jerseys, both going back to the late 60's, early 70's. One is a gray Orleans Cardinals (now Firebirds) uniform top (number 15) with script "Orleans" across the front. The thing that always struck me as odd about this (and I do remember seeing the Bob Hansen-era Orleans teams wear these) is that the "Orleans," trim, and number are blue. Even as a young 'un, I was pretty sure there were no such things as blue cardinals flying around, so I never really understood the color choice. The other item is a white Falmouth jersey, probably from 1970-'72. This top has a fancy block "Falmouth" across the front. The color combo for the trim near the collar, down the front, and around the number "6" is green and yellow. The Commodores wore these back in the day when star players like Billy Almon and Paul Mitchell called Guv Fuller Field home. I always thought these unis were pretty cool and upon inspecting this recent find, I still like the look. When Falmouth was wearing these, Charles Finley had his Oakland A's teams decked out in predominantly green and gold. Because of that, I remember thinking it would have made a lot more sense for the Chatham A's (now Anglers) to wear this color combo.

    Since there is a very limited number of people who would be interested in CCBL memorabilia, I contacted a few folks who are presently involved with the CCBL and its Hall of Fame and asked if they would have any interest in these jerseys. That was more than a month ago and I did not get a response. That's okay. They now occupy an area in an office along with many other CCBL items. There are too many to list, and probably too few of you interested in this old stuff, but some memories came back when looking at team yearbooks from when the Bourne Canalmen played at Keith Field - yes, that tiny field located almost under the Sagamore Bridge was once home to a Cape League team - and the Yarmouth Indians who at one time called Simpkins Field (across from the state police barracks on Route 28) home.    


Y-D Wins Eighth Championship

by Andrew Wirtanen

The 2016 CCBL season wrapped up on Saturday, August 13th as the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox defeated the Falmouth Commodores in game 3 of the best-of-3 series. Amanda Cox has the official write-up on capecodbaseball.org. Will Geoghegan has a detailed wrap on Right Field Fog.

The Red Sox have now won the last three seasons, which hasn't happened on Cape since the Kettleers accomplished that feat in the 70s.

Yarmouth-Dennis is now the 2nd winningest team in the modern era of the CCBL with 8 championships, behind Cotuit's 16 championships. 

Falmouth was attempting their first championship since 1980, and were hoping to get the win in front of their home crowd. The Commodores' 36 year drought is the longest in the Cape Cod Baseball League. The Hyannis Harbor Hawks have a 25 year drought, last winning in 1991 with a team featuring Rich Aurilia and Jason Varitek.

Matt Davis goes from temp player to pro player

by Andrew Wirtanen

Growing up on the Cape and now visiting for a few games every season, it can still be hard for me to grasp just how close the Cape League is to Major League Baseball. There's the famous statistic: 1-in-7 MLB players played in the league. And I frequently go to pro games and recognize players on the roster that I've seen play at McKeon Park or Red Wilson Field.

And yet, I was still surprised to read this news story about Matt Davis. Matt started as a temporary player on the Brewster Whitecaps this year, led the league in homers in the beginning of the season, and is now working his way up A-ball in the St. Louis Cardinals organization. Pretty cool.

Best of luck, Matt Davis!

2016 Season Begins on Friday

by Andrew Wirtanen

The long wait is almost over - the 2016 season begins on Friday, June 10 with games across the Cape from Bourne to Brewster. Check out the official 2016 schedule.

While we wait just a few more days, here's a couple fun things:

Remembering Joe Sherman; Scarafile honored in Hyannis

by Andrew Wirtanen

At times, it was warm enough this week on the Cape to play baseball. But, we're still over 160 days away before the best college players in the nation return to our favorite fields.

There were a couple big stories from the league during the holiday week:

  • First, some sad news - Joe Sherman, the league's senior writer, editor, league historian and director of special projects, passed away at the age of 74 on Saturday, December 19. Read more about his life and legacy on the official press release.
  • On December 16, 2015, the league announced that the Hyannis Athletic Association are renaming the Harbor Hawks' home to the Judy Walden Scarafile Field at McKeon Park. Scarafile served 24 years as Cape League president and 45 years with the league overall.

2016 Schedule Released; All-Star Game in Chatham

by Andrew Wirtanen

The Cape Cod Baseball League has officially released the 2016 schedule. The first five games of the season are on June 10, 2016 with first pitches in Brewster and Y-D at 5pm. There are no scheduled doubleheaders this season.

The All-Star Game will be in Chatham at Veteran's Field on July 23, 2016.

Playoffs start on August 8, 2016 and the eight-team format will be used again.

"On The Cape" short film + interview

by Andrew Wirtanen

The "On The Cape" short film has been in heavy circulation the past few days on Twitter and Facebook. CodBall had a chance to do a quick email interview today with Ben Fraternale, who created the video with his friend Jeff Friedlander.

Congrats on the video - it really came out great. How'd it come to be? How long were you planning it?

Thank you! My friend Jeff and I have been visiting the Cape since childhood.  When we discovered the Cape league, it became the highlight of every summer. Suddenly trips to the Cape meant calculating the math of how many games we could fit into a weekend. I started photographing the games when I was 15 years old and as Jeff and I grew older, we both gravitated toward careers in video production. This year, we felt we had the right equipment and right creative juice to really represent our Cape experience on film.

What was the filming process like?

We filmed for only three days, bounced all around the Cape, and each day we tackled a different region. We'd film for most or all of one game and then shoot over to the next. At night, we'd head to the beaches and docks for timelapses. Filming felt very similar to photographing games, trying to capture those key moments, so the whole filming experience was really nostalgic in itself.

Tell us about the voiceover. Was that always planned?

I knew from the outset that I wanted a voiceover which captured the nostalgia and essence of our experience. After I finished the editing process, I asked my girlfriend Laura Pavlo (who is a talented writer/author) to try and tackle the material as poetically as possible. I think she did an incredible job of baking the emotion and visuals into words. It only felt right that my grandfather, Ladd Fraternale, would then voice those words. With some editing to make it sound like a vintage radio broadcast, I think the voiceover compliments the video in an essential way.

At CodBall, we've had a bit of discussion about the best parks in the league. The top parks mentioned always seem to be Veterans Field in Chatham, Eldredge Park in Orleans, and Lowell Park in Cotuit. But, all of the parks continue to make improvements thanks to volunteers and donations. What are your favorite parks and places to sit when watching games?

Veterans Field and Eldredge are classics for sure, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Red Wilson Field. When I first started following the league, I latched onto the Y-D Red Sox and got to see some incredible players as a result. That park, though doesn't have every bell and whistle, just fosters unique memories for me, and we shot quite a bit of "On The Cape" there. 

Beyond the Cape League, what are your favorite spots on the Cape?

If I had a "home town" on the Cape, it would be Hyannis. From the record store to the ice cream shops, it screams childhood for me. With the field in such close proximity and the hall of fame in the heart of town, it's always my first stop. 

What's next for you guys?

We've had an incredible reaction to "On The Cape" from the league, players, and fans. Talking to league personnel and hearing such positive feedback made the film more instantly rewarding than we ever could have expected. I think it's important that, with such prestige and talent, the league is artfully filmed in some capacity beyond game streams and televised events. That being said, we'd love to do another Cape league project in some capacity, with the league's permission, for summers to come.