New Children's Book Tells Story of CCBL

by Greg in ,

Summer_Ball_JPEG[1]I've commented in the past that the bookshelf is beginning to sag beneath the weight of books about the Cape Cod Baseball League. There are narrative accounts of a season, historical accounts reaching back over 100 years, picture books and guides. What has been missing has been a novel, a SABR-like encyclopedia and a children's book.

Well, wait no longer for the children's book. This summer Cape Cod's own Diane Troy has written along with illustrator Charr Flloyd a delightful children's book for Mascot Books.

Summer Ball (with a Cape League logo on the cover) is a simple overview  of the CCBL that begins with a player arriving at a host family's house. Young readers then get a tour of the league, visiting each team and learning something about the league. We learn about scouts, the teams, reporters, the fog, the playoffs, etc. (Why don't we learn about the blogs?)

Floyd's anime-inspired illustrations are fun and distinctive. I like the Anglers cartoon where the outfielder looks like a ghost from Scooby-Doo in the fog.

I emailed author Diane Troy to ask her a few questions.

What interested you in writing a children's book about the Cape League? I've been a player host mom for 20 years and am also merchandise coordinator for the Chatham Anglers. I spotted the publisher's books on Wally the Gren Monster and Patriots football and felt a story about the CCBL would also be marketable, as printed by Mascot Books.

What ages would you say this is best geared to?  Being illustrated, it would appeal to children between 3 and 10, but it would also serve as a souvenir from one of the Cape League games, especially if it's autographed by players from various teams!

Where can someone get a copy of the book? Books are available at :  Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Hyannis; the Cape Cod League Hall of Fame, Hyannis; 9 franchise locations in the CCBL, a dozen private bookstores on the Cape; and from me, personally via

Does the league benefit from sales? Every dollar benefits the team selling it. There is no compensation to me as author. The book is just another merchandise item that can be sold to support the Chatham Athletic Association/Chatham Anglers. Surprisingly, the book now needs to be reordered ...a mere seven weeks after delivery.